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  • Shipping

Shipping plays an important role for any country’s economic development. Middle East has emerged as a global logistics hub, Countries mainly on the Arabian Gulf such as UAE, have built modern warehouses and transportation infrastructure, developed free zones, adopted “open skies” policies, simplified customs procedures.

The Middle East is filling a gap for Africa, Central Asia, India and Pakistan, which have fast-growing consumer markets. Gulf countries are able to act as gateways for goods coming from Asia, Europe or North America or as distribution points for goods moving within markets in the Middle East. Only is Dubai there are more than 5000 Freight forwarding & Shipping Companies are operating.

Move Up Consultancy fully understand our clients need and requirements, whether you are Global Forwarder or a Local NVOCC operator, we believe in delivering the best talent available for our clients.

We are able to assess and supply ‘global’ recruitment solutions for our Clients and we are fundamentally aware of all the rules and regulations in relation to active recruiting in different geographical areas.





  • Freight Forwarding

The Term: The original function of the forwarder was to arrange for carriage by contracting with various carriers. Forwarder responsibilities included advice on documentation and customs requirements in the country of destination. His correspondent agent overseas looked after his customers' goods and kept him informed about matters that would affect movement of goods.

In modern times the forwarder accepts the same responsibilities. It operates either as a domestic carrier or otherwise with a corresponding agent overseas or with his own branch-office.

We are the recruitment partner of choice to many of the leading multinational freight forwarder companies as well as the most successful independent organizations that operate in specific regions. Our freight logistics Recruitment services all include expertise in Sales, Management, technology, freight accounting services, and freight customer services Etc. With years of experience, you will have confidence our team will provide you the most apt Employee/ or Employer possible.

Move Up targets freight industry professionals allowing them to register and upload their CV, whilst ensuring that all advertisers are also freight industry based. This provides complete focus on the freight industry.

Browse through a selection of our jobs in freight forwarding that we are currently recruiting for or alternatively you can register with us.




  • Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply Chain Management (SCM) focuses on efficiently managing systems of people, resources, information, that deal with the movement of a product or service from supplier to customer. Logistics entails planning and organizing all movement of said product or service. The aim is to optimize the supply chain in the most cost-effective way, helping companies to build a competitive edge. In modern world, effective supply chain management is essential for the success of companies.

Logistics covers the planning, organization, management, control and execution of freight transport and warehousing operations in the supply chain. Logistics and supply chain management is concerned with the management of the flow of goods and information from the point of supply to the point of final consumption. It has been described as getting the right product, in the right quantity, of the right quality, to the right place, at the right time, for the right customer at the right cost!

Move Up is the online home for purchasing, logistics, supply chain management, and supply chain recruitment. Our key strengths lie in market knowledge, excellence in selection and creativity in the profiling and promotion of client employer brands as part of any recruitment Programme.

We thrive on repeat business and have strong client relationships. Many of our clients have worked with us for more than 5 years and we are aware of their exact requirements. We understand their business and the candidate they require to fill a position.

At Move up, we serve numerous clients on a daily basis. We have an extensive database of candidates with a range of industry experience.

Our consultants work closely with our clients in order to establish and meet their needs. Each consultant has in depth knowledge of the industries we operate in, current market trends and also the positions that you are looking to fill. Our consultants understand salary brackets and will assist you with this so that you are able to find the perfect candidate to fill the varied Roles. Sample careers:

 Directors (Managing / Operations / Sales)  General / Regional Managers  Operational Managers  Branch Managers  Import / Export Co-Coordinators  Sales Executives  Route Development Managers
  Sales Managers  Supervisors  Customs Entries  Sales Co-Coordinators  Marketing / Commercial Mangers  Customer Services  Temperature Controlled / Reefer  Exhibitions / Live Events  Distribution Coordinator  Logistics Planner  Supply Chain Manager  Operations Manager  Transport Manager




  • Maritime & Ports Management

Whether you are looking for interim or permanent staff, our experienced consultants will work proficiently to provide an efficient tailored solution for your needs. We work globally across many vertical markets that form the Maritime Industry. We operate through the entire maritime life cycle, from design concept through to new-build, crewing, operational management, chartering and broking. We have an in-depth knowledge of these sectors and understand the needs of our candidates.

We typically recruit for the following:

 Chartering

 Operations

 P&I

 Legal

 Broking

 Trading

 Port/ Terminal/ Harbor

 Master Mariner

 Chief Officer

 2nd Officer

 Chief Engineer  2nd Engineer



  • International Relocation & global Mobility

International Relocation & Global Mobility Mobility managers have been continuously scratching their heads to find solutions to adapt their relocation policies. Relocation cuts across many areas, including travel, transportation, household moving, human resources, and payroll.Mobility becomes more frequent, short-term and project-based.

Types of corporations making global assignments:

ORGANIZATIONAL CHARACTERISTICS - Multinational corporations, Global corporations, transnational corporations

CONFIGURATION OF ASSETS & CAPABILITIES - decentralized and nationally self-sufficient centralized and globally scaled, but trending to decentralized model. Dispersed, interdependent, and specialized

ROLE OF OVERSEAS OPERATIONS - sensing and exploiting local opportunities implementing parent company strategies differentiated contributions by national units to integrated worldwide operations.

One of the major challenges for companies in this cliché sector can be identifying and attracting talented candidates. We can provide a tailor made / search based recruitment service to deliver candidates from junior to senior most levels in Relocation Management - Removals - Move Management - Surveyors - Business Development / Sales / Packers - for both International / Domestic needs.



  • Express & Courier

Express clients are often on the lookout for branch managers, supervisors, customer service representatives, dispatchers, fleet coordinators and warehouse clerks for their timely and efficient services.

Our team with immediate knowledge of industry trends, best practices and what’s required to respond to an ever-changing environment handles the full process of recruitment in Express & Couriers very efficiently.

We take ownership for, and pride in our work, always looking for better ways to create the best value for our clients and for our candidates.






  • Logistics & Warehousing

The generation of 4PLs is evolving & advancing to an extent from the legacy 3PLs work scope with specific themes created to address value-add requirements with their clients’ partnerships.

The basic concepts of 3PLs are hereto stay (specifically the assets-based providers) & the evolution to extend services as a 4PL will be the deciding factor many shippers (small companies or large multinational corporations) stand on in their selection of a provision partner. Naturally,

we do see spin-offs again, from a 4PL pint-of-view, whereby some retain specialty in specific knowledge & skill-sets (ie. IT / MRP / direct & indirect sourcing etc.), but yet there are many of the 4PLs who would be entrenched in the general provisions as “3PL managers” to co-ordinate the overall fulfillment processes B2B2C ultimately.”





  • Oil & Gas

Move Up’s specialist oil and gas team have delivered assignments across the full energy value chain from upstream exploration and production to downstream refining and supply, and recruited from management to board level positions.

Our respected services have enabled us to partner with many of the key players worldwide. We have added experience in ''hard to find talent'' searches. Our range of clients include:

Oil and Gas companies Global Operators,

EPC Equipment Manufacturers

Service Providers


Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the effective and efficient flow of goods and services from the point of origin to the point of consumption.




  • Medical Health Care

Health care staff recruitment is a critical and dynamic process within the healthcare industry, aimed at identifying and hiring qualified professionals to ensure the delivery of high-quality patient care. The growing demands for healthcare services and the need to maintain patient safety, and drive innovation in the field, Move Up Consultancy's endeavor encompasses the recruitment of a wide range of professionals, from doctors and nurses to administrative staff and support personnel within healthcare units. We have a dedicated team which sources and screens applicants within healthcare, assists them in the licensure process, and coordinates their relocation.




  • Transport – Air, Sea, Land

The transport industry faces many issues. The trends depend on which sector the company operates in. However some of the general issues facing the transport industry, whatever sector, private or public include: -Multimodal transport operations and application of Internet technology to offer real-time information for travellers and leading to the delivery of a seamless journey

- Growth in the use of consultancy services and implications for project management skills

- Improving the image of public transport and encouraging increased use

 - Encouraging people to use alternative modes of transport to the private car, which has implications for the location of amenities, more widespread adoption of congestion charging, etc.

We combine the power of a transportation service experts and the management representatives at all levels as required by the Transport companies conducting business on any mode of transportation Air, Road, Rail and Sea.

Move Up has a vast and strategically placed network globally that allows us to provide universal & reliable coverage to the transport & logistics industry’s recruitment needs, whether it be by air, road, rail or sea freight.Move Up specialise in finding the best talents in the below profiles related with Transportaion:

 Import, Export & Crosstrades operations  Worldwide Agency network Development  Documentation services  Dangerous goods handling  Warehousing  Customs Clearance  Air Freight – Scheduled & charter services expertise  Sea Freight – Full containers, RORO, charter, groupage & break bulk experts  Road Freight – Throughout Middle East & Asia Pacific  Traffic / Transport & Warehousing Project cargo / Abnormal loads / Break-bulk  Hazardous cargo  LCL / FCL  Aviation Chartering (Passenger/cargo).

We understand the privacy, integrity and sensitive nature of both recruiting for clients and floating for candidates. This area is where our vast industry knowledge comes into play like no other.



  • FMCG

In a world where personality often comes second to conformity, Move Up is proud to do things differently. Committed to helping their clients increase operational efficiency and maximize sales revenue and profitability. Focused on setting new standards in FMCG Recruitment and Training, we believe in putting people first and treating them properly, doing what we say we are going to do and delivering outstanding levels of service.

Our clients are some of the biggest names. And whilst others may think recruitment is now all to do with databases, and learning more about long distance than long-term development, we do not.

From the respect with which we treat our clients to the time we spend with our candidates and the effort we put into understanding the real success factors behind each and every role, the personal touch runs through everything we do.

Face to face contact ensures we understand the needs of clients and the full potential of candidates. Our Practice consists of experienced consultants who are supported by a dedicated ‘in house’ research team and repeatedly successfully deliver middle to senior level management assignments across Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations, Manufacturing and General Management.

If you are a potential Client looking to fill a new role then please take a look at our website to see what we have to offer. For Candidates looking for their next move, please use our search facility on the left to search our latest vacancies in your area.





  • Information Technology

Over the next decade, the IT workforce is forecast to grow and it is predicted that there will be a need for 141,300 new entrants into IT and Telecoms professional occupations.This growth is driven by IT services such as consulting and outsourcing (the transfer of IT functions to an external service provider). Growth in employment is due to:

 The creation of new jobs mainly within the IT industry

 Replacement of members of the IT workforce leaving employment

 Changes in job types within the IT workforce, such as geo-sourcing (the transfer of IT work and functions to across the world), increase in IT services and more ‘client-facing’ roles

 Changing dynamics of IT professions within the IT industry and IT professionals working outside the IT industry

We have specialist teams and established networks bridging these areas, in key disciplines and technologies including:  Information security  Health informatics  Business intelligence  SAP  Oracle  Ecommerce  Retail IT  Testing  Solutions and technical architecture  Development technology.

Our client portfolio spans SMEs to multi-nationals, public and private sectors. We recruit mid to senior IT professionals across permanent, contract and interim positions.

Our focus is to connect employers with IT professionals who can help them gain increased value and a competitive edge through effective use of technology.

Our specialist IT recruitment consultants are skilled and experienced at identifying the challenges that you face; their expertise and established networks ensure you will be introduced to the most suitable candidates and opportunities.