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International Relocation & global Mobility

International Relocation & Global Mobility Mobility managers have been continuously scratching their heads to find solutions to adapt their relocation policies. Relocation cuts across many areas, including travel, transportation, household moving, human resources, and payroll.Mobility becomes more frequent, short-term and project-based.

Types of corporations making global assignments:

ORGANIZATIONAL CHARACTERISTICS - Multinational corporations, Global corporations, transnational corporations

CONFIGURATION OF ASSETS & CAPABILITIES - decentralized and nationally self-sufficient centralized and globally scaled, but trending to decentralized model. Dispersed, interdependent, and specialized

ROLE OF OVERSEAS OPERATIONS - sensing and exploiting local opportunities implementing parent company strategies differentiated contributions by national units to integrated worldwide operations.

One of the major challenges for companies in this cliché sector can be identifying and attracting talented candidates. We can provide a tailor made / search based recruitment service to deliver candidates from junior to senior most levels in Relocation Management - Removals - Move Management - Surveyors - Business Development / Sales / Packers - for both International / Domestic needs.